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Home Entertainment. LEDGlow Million Color Home Theater LED Accent Lighting Kit.LEDGlow’s Million Color Home Theater LED Lighting Kit would be the envy of your entire visitors as it adds a custom, multi-color ambient light that surrounds your home theater system that may be second to none.

This multi-color home accent lighting kit utilizes ultra-bright, surface mounted RGB LED technology which allows for a vibrant and wide angle, spotless glow that adds a colorful personality to your home theater set up. Every home theater kit includes two 15 inch and two 9 inch light tubes that feature four 5′ mini USB connections, an easy to hide Keep watch over box and a wireless remote with receiver that controls the entire kit’s lighting effects.

The Keep watch over box offers amazing lighting modes that are easily selected from the wireless remote including a solid color scan mode that can be utilized to create any color, a fade mode, a sound activation mode, in addition to customizable brightness levels. The primary color cycle mode fades through eight preset options that come with blue, green, red, pink, purple, yellow, aqua and white; at the same time as the million color fade mode slowly cycles through the color spectrum allowing you to pause and save four of your favorite custom colors.

Wireless Remote w/ Receiver
Keep watch over Box Features: Color Adjustment Scan, Fade, Brightness & Sound Activation Modes
Eight Primary Colors Include: Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Aqua & White
Other Customizable Functions: Play/Pause, Speed Adjustments, Memory & Sleep Functions. Pick up your Home Entertainment today.

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