Car & Motorbike

Car & Motorbike

Aumo-mate 1pcs Solar Power Car/Bike/Motorcycle Colorful Amazing LED Flash Wheel Tyre Tire Lamp Decorate Light Cap with Motion Sensors Looks Awesome ST-E120.

Solar Car Wheel Tire Air Valve Cap Light a new automotive products, the products are small, light weight, ease of installation, product use solar charging, no want to replace the battery, electricity durable.

Feature: These Solar valves
With Light For Car Wheel
Car Wheel Valve Light Features Motion Sensors
Lights Will turn on when the vehicle is moving and off when the vehicle comes to a stop.
Screws onto the valve stem of your car
Enhances safety by increasing visibility at night and all through bad weather conditions. Easy to install and dispose of.

The product is installed at the tire valve stem position, when driving at night light function robotically open, enabling the side of people, vehicles and early detection, to steer clear of or reduce traffic accidents, but also can beautify your car, car wheel decoration products belonging to the class of the Terminator. Buy your Car & Motorbike products while supplies are in.

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